Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Join Us in Atlanta - 1st of Four Presentations at the 191 Club

Counting the Cost….!!
The Myths and Realities of Back Office Business Transformation

Many organizations today are suffering from productivity and revenue declines, lacks of innovation and poor customer service as they try to balance the need to rapidly reduce cost while maintaining viable business operations. Various solutions are being presented and adopted, including Outsourcing, Shared Services, focusing on your core business competencies, etc. But what is the effect of short term decisions about cost containment and efficiency without a clear longer term plan, not just about business survival, but of future growth?

In this unfavorable economic climate the pressure for cost reduction is inexorable and understandable. Yet decisions that potentially compromise corporations’ positive relationships with their customers, vendors and even their own employees are being made on a daily basis. Market share is being put at risk and internal frustrations are growing as non-holistic and non-integrated perspectives are being developed and implemented solely from the cost side of a balance sheet. Imagine a future operating environment where there are 5 to 10 outsourcing service providers, 1 to 3 shared service centers and minimal involvement of the retained organization that must make things work.

The picture is not always bleak. There are successes. But overall over 70% of US companies, who outsource describe the experience as either very or extremely disappointing. After 2 or 3 years organizations are looking for ways to improve the situation.

The 191 Club is pleased to offer four breakfast presentations.
  • The first on July 22nd, is an overview of the process from the decision to transform and adopt new operating models to establishing a long term and viable adaptive process.
  • The second on July 29th, focuses on the decision to transform and the transitioning process, with all the attendant issues involved in creating and establishing a new business model and its impact on the retained organization.
  • On September 10, the third session will be about making it work for the longer term, with the added complexity of leveraging emergent technologies and the need for vigilant governance to have a constant process of alignment to the goals of the business.
  • The fourth on September 23rd is about measurement, sustainment and what to do when it is apparently not working.
The Founders of CandidAdvisors LLC will be your presenters.

Representing a new breed of advisory services needed in this current and developing environment, CandidAdvisors is completely independent, solution agnostic and focused on the principle of “best advice.” Bringing senior experience and objectivity to a space full of vested interest, the goal is to help companies make the right business decisions and implement change that builds and enhances the capabilities of the business today and tomorrow.

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